Mat Nixon (thats me, the author of this blog, just in case you were wondering) is a British Cartoonist living in the USA.

He has provided art to several small galleries in the United States. Mat has been published in several Independent Comic Book Anthologies released through King Bone Press.

Where can i see more of your art?

I mainly post to deviant art. My page is http://www.mancus.deviantart.com i also post roughs and other stuff to my twitter www.twitter.com/MatNixon

Your credentials seem suspect, i don't even think you went college! 

Hahha well spotted! I didn't go to college in fact i have no formal art training (it shows) but in this day and age you can learn a lot from books and the internet. Many of my favourite artists are self taught.

Do you like Tacos?

No, I LOVE Tacos

What Materials do you use?

I use Pentel Graphgear 500's with blue lead
I ink with a Kurutake Brush pen or a Pentel Pocket Brush