Commissions and Contact

Commission rates (one character sketch add $10 for extra characters)

9 x 12 pencil and Ink - $35
11x17 Pencil and Ink $55

4 thumbnail sketches for the customers approval no redos. Expect a 3-4 week turn around on all commissions.

Sketchcards with color embellishments are $15-25 depending on how much you want on it.

Commissions are undertaken with the understanding that they will not be reproduced for profit. If you want to mass produce anything I have created for profit (for example a print) I will agree to a licensing fee and a percentage of profits made off merchandise. Comic book pinups do not factor into this.

Artwork for charitable organisations is done on a case by case basis.

I will not draw pornographic images.

Page rates for comic book work vary depending on the scale of the project(including pinups).

Any inquiries please Email