Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bandthology Preview

Heres page one of our Creator Owned/Self Published Music Comic Anthology. Wendi Freeman of the Comics Slumber Party/Double Page Spread podcast wrote the story I drew.

Heres our chipin. We need a bit of money to print them. There are incentives just like Kickstarter. We need $600, we have half of that already so we need just $300 more.

The incentives are cool.

$3 gets you a PDF copy of the book
$6 gets you a print copy
$20 gets you a sketch by one of the artists.

Its only a minimum of $3 which is less than a lot of Mainstream comics digitally and in print. Check out which has a few more previews and the cover art posted.

Thank you for looking and for any and all support you've given.

There are some really talented people working on this book. Support indie comics!

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